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Thursday 28 March - Tuesday 30 April

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Featuring unique cuts like Centre Cut Porterhouse and Rangers Valley Inside Skirt, Pork Neck, Kangaroo Pastrami and more!

Beef & VEAL


150-Day Grain Fed Centre Cut Porterhouse MB2 (ave. 2.5kg)

$22 /kg

Precision-cut from the centre of the loin, eliminating any end pieces for minimal wastage. A prime example of authentic porterhouse excellence. With its MB2, expect consistent tenderness and succulent, flavourful beef.

Grass-fed and grain-finished, this mainstay beef offers superior flavour and tenderness.


100-Day Grain Fed Rump Cap (ave. 1-1.5kg)

$20 /kg

The prime cut from the rump. Bursting with flavour, its fat caramelises beautifully when cooked. Perfect roasted whole like the "Picanha" or sliced into steaks.

Queensland grain-fed beef. Feedlots strategically located in the Roma District, the Darling Downs, and the Brisbane Valley.


Rangers Valley Black Market Inside Skirt MB5 (ave. 2-3kg)

$16 /kg

This amazing cut of meat is a staple in Spanish and South American cuisine. With its high marble score, it brings tenderness and juiciness to this very flavoursome cut. Perfect for marinating and grilling quickly over high heat. Ideal for fajitas, tacos, stir-fries, and steak sandwiches.

Super rare and super premium pure black Angus beef. Grain-fed for a minimum of 270 days. Supply of Ranges Valley Black Market is exclusive and sporadic. It's only available when it's available so get in quick!


Fairlight Veal Backstrap FROZEN (ave. 3kg)

$35 /kg

Ideal for effortless preparation and portioning into veal scallopini, schnitzel, or succulent medallions.

This exceptional, hand-selected veal comes from the rich and fertile valleys of the Northern Rivers, NSW. The veal is humanely raised on their mother's milk and in open pastures with access to the very best feed.



Gamekeepers - Pork Neck (2 per bag. Ave. 3-4kg)

$14 /kg

Also known as collar butt or pork scotch, this cut is sourced from the shoulder of the pig. It's marbled fat content makes it ideal for roasting or casseroles.

We carefully select the highest quality female pork from trusted producers in Gippsland and South Australia. Our dedicated producers adhere to stringent standards of animal husbandry, prioritising ethical and sustainable farming practices to deliver exceptional quality pork.


Gamekeepers - Lamb Forequarter Shanks FROZEN (30 per box $5.00 ea)

$150 /box

Cut from the front leg of the lamb, ideal for slow-roasting or braising. The meat can then be flaked off into a hearty soup.

100% Australian grass fed lamb. We source the highest quality lamb primarily from Gippsland and the Victorian Wheat Belt region. Internationally renowned for their favourable climate, fertile pastures, and their consistent ability to produce the finest lamb in Australia.


Gamekeepers - Lamb Mince (5kg)

$8 /kg

Minced daily from the shoulder and leg meat, with 20% fat. All made to order in-house.

100% Australian grass fed lamb. We source the highest quality lamb primarily from Gippsland and the Victorian Wheat Belt region. Internationally renowned for their favourable climate, fertile pastures, and their consistent ability to produce the finest lamb in Australia.



Corn Fed Chicken #12 FROZEN (1.2kg)

$16.50 /ea

'The high energy oil content within the corn promotes a natural growth rate and a substantially thicker layer of fat in all the right places. This provides a juicier, more succulent and tender meat with beautifully golden coloured flesh.

Partnering with the finest producers in NSW. Prioritising the welfare and health of the birds results in exceptionally high-quality and delicious tasting meat. To learn more about our Corn Fed chicken, click here.


Hazeldene's Chicken Drumette (10kg Bag)

$7 /kg

AKA the "mini drumstick." Drumettes have a single bone running through the centre, surrounded by tender chicken meat.

At the forefront of poultry production in Australia stands Hazeldene’s, an industry leader renowned for its unwavering commitment to consistent quality, animal welfare, innovation, and exceptional value. All Hazeldene's chicken is RSPCA approved. Learn more about Hazeldene’s here.


Paroo Kangaroo Pastrami (ave. 2kg)

$24 /kg

Looking for a unique sandwich or bagel special? Kangaroo pastrami has a slight gamey taste and adds an exciting twist compared to traditional beef pastrami.

A unique product, crafted entirely in house by our award-winning smallgoods team.

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