Margra Lamb - Australia's Finest Lamb

Margra Lamb

Margra Lamb is bred specifically for chefs by the Gilmore family, third generation livestock breeders from Oberon, NSW. 

Together they have bred a quality of lamb seen only previously in Wagyu, with a micro-marbled finish and low fat melting point of 28-35°C. The result is an unprecedented delicate lamb meat that simply melts in the mouth with unsurpassed juiciness and tenderness. Quite simply, it's lamb with no equal.

Margra Lamb sheep are hormone and antibiotic free and raised in lush green pastures with no exposure to feedlots. Their unique wool-free coat means they don't produce lanolin, a natural oil found in the wool of other breeds that can adversely affect the flavour of the meat. It also eliminates shearing and the use of chemicals used in wool production. All Margra Lamb is fully traceable from paddock to plate, to control its pedigree and ensure its superior quality.

 We have a range of Margra Lamb products available to our retail customers.


  • FINEST QUALITY - Produced exclusively from Australian White Tattykeel genetics to ensure only the highest eating quality.
  • LOW FAT MELTING POINT - Low fat melting point, micro marbling, and moisture retaining capability, ensures it's lamb simply melts in your mouth.
  • CONSISTENT ALL YEAR - Polyoestrous (meaning multiple breeding cycles) breeding means Marga Lamb quality is delivered all year - not just at springtime like many other lamb products. 
  • DELICATE FLAVOUR - Margra Australian White Lambs are wool free, lanolin free and have no game flavour. Just a delicate aroma and flavour.
  • BRED FOR CHEFS - "This is - hands down - the best piece of lamb I've ever eaten. The fat composition, flavour and quality is Wagyu - like." Chef Mark Best
Margra Lamb Tomahawk cooked Margra Lamb Loin cooked Margra Lamb Rack cooked

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Sir Paz Estate choose Margra Lamb

"At Sir Paz, we take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients to create exceptional culinary experiences. Recently, we conducted a blind tasting of lamb varieties, comparing Margra Lamb against other grass-fed lamb, across four diverse demographics.

The results were unanimous - Margra Lamb stood out as the clear winner in every category.

It's delicate taste, combined with its tenderness and absence of gamy flavour truly impressed all participants. From the first bite to the last, Margra Lamb's quality shone through."


Margra Lamb Shoulder Oyster
Margra Lamb Loin Cap On / KG or PIECE
Margra Lamb Neck
Margra Lamb Rack Frenched Cap On
Margra Lamb Long Bone Cap On - 8pt Rack
Margra Lamb Rump Cap On
Margra Lamb Saddle
Margra Lamb Square Cut Shoulder


The shared vision of Graham and his late brother Martin lives on in the next generation of Gilmores. Graham’s sons James and Ross continue to breed Margra Lamb alongside their father in Oberon, NSW. The family’s ongoing commitment to excellence ensures a consistent and reliable supply of Margra Lamb well into the future.

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Margra Lamb Family



Margra Lamb has chosen Gamekeepers to be their exclusive Victorian Wholesale Agent.

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