$69 / 1kg
$69 / 1kg
$48 / 1kg


Introducing the renowned Retired Dairy Cow beef, typically reserved for the finest dining establishments. This globally acclaimed beef boats a symphony of flavours, distinguished by its iconic yellow-hued fat and exquisitely dispersed marbling - the result of years spent grazing on lush pastures in Gippsland. 

An Argentine is currently hanging in our state of the art dry ageing room and will soon be ready to be cut by our master butchers into showstopping cuts like Rib Eye, T-Bone, Pub Rump and Porterhouse on the Bone. 

Due to the utmost care required in handling these gems, deliveries must be made on Wednesday 30th August until Friday 1st September 2023. Just in time for Father's Day! Extremely limited cuts available. 

We recommend consuming dry aged products within 3 days. Not suitable to be frozen.

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