Wagyu Beef

We specialise in sourcing the highest-grade Japanese and Australian Wagyu, with marble scores from MB3 to A5 - the ultimate in luxury beef. Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with the best Japanese and Australian suppliers, we always know where to source the finest wagyu. It's the exceptional fine marbling and unique mouthfeel that creates a distinct and remarkable eating experience.


We only supply the highest quality lamb, having spent their lives out on lush pasture, so you can rely on enjoying that wonderful incomparable lamb tenderness and a delicious light flavour. Where possible, we use a ‘farm direct’ approach - we know exactly where our lamb has grown and produced. However, as demand for lamb is high all year round, we partner with some larger grass-fed producers, whose quality control on ethical and sustainable farming is second to none.


We hand-pick our trusted premium Pork producers from Gippsland and South Australia in order to procure the highest quality female pork, all sow-stall free. We are proud to be suppliers of quality meats from well cared for animals and supporting producers adopting ways to manage biodiversity farming. We also source superior Berkshire free range pork from a network of family-run farms who raise their pigs without cages or fixed sheds and the farms are completely chemical free.


Our chicken products (free-range and non free-range) are sourced from Hazeldene’s – Australia’s best chicken producer. Locally based in Lockward, near Bendigo in Central Victoria, Hazeldene’s began operating in 1938. Hazeldene’s is now at the forefront of poultry production in Australia, leading the industry in consistent quality, animal welfare, innovation and value.

Grass Fed

Our grass fed beef range features cattle that have spent their entire life grazing pastures. The taste from grass-fed beef is a richer, more complex, earthy flavour with a slightly yellowish fat colour due to an absorbed pigment from the grass called carotene. We work with leading producers such as Southern Ranges to provide us with the highest quality grass fed beef.

Grain Fed

Gamekeepers work closely with local and leading feedlots who help ensure our grain fed beef is exceptional. A feedlot is a managed facility where cattle are provided a balanced and nutritious diet for the purpose of producing beef of a consistent high quality. Some breeds of cattle, such as wagyu, are fed grain in order to enhance marbling. Grain fed beef tends to have more marbling than grass fed beef, resulting in a more buttery flavour, and the fat is pure white.

Dry ageing

Dry-aged meat is considered a gastronomical treat, we supply some of Melbourne & Victoria's finest restaurants and gastro pubs. We have built a state of the art dry-ageing facility and only the very best quality of grass-fed beef, free-range pork, grass-fed lamb and corn-fed duck will be hand selected. The dry-ageing process intensifies the flavour and tenderness of the meat.

Game Meat

We started our business as game specialists, and our passion for finding new and emerging trends hasn't wavered since. With an extensive list of products from rabbit, venison, hare, crocodile, buffalo, kangaroo, quail, wild boar, pheasant, partridge and guinea fowl. We only partner with producers who harvest with the utmost respect and care.


Our ducks are sourced through the leading and primary ethical farming producer in Victoria, with the highest certifications for animal welfare. Our turkeys’ are from Numurkah Turkeys, grown locally right here in Victoria.


Veal has been treasured for centuries for its delicious, succulent flavour, and this is true for the pasture-raised veal we source. Exceptionally tender, akin to a beef flavour, but is leaner and delicate. You are spoilt for choice with veal cutlets, osso bucco, scallopini, sausages and veal stocks on offer.

Ready Made

The aim of our Ready Made range is to help you elevate your cooking with restaurant quality additions. Create a family meal within minutes with our Wagyu Bolognese or Wagyu Ragu made with 100% Australian Wagyu Beef. Take your steaks from good to great with our sauces and taste real flavour with our stocks. All products are made wth 100% natural ingredients and are preservative free.


It has been a pleasure to curate some additional products to our full-service menu of pantry goodies. We have a growing range of olives, smoked salmon, Mount Zero olive oil, housemade meat rubs, duck fat, Outback Spirit herbs & salts, ready-made stocks and meat sauces. As a food service business our aim is to grow this collection and continue to deliver a full range service for all your gourmet needs.


We are passionate about the nose to tail approach as you are able to utilise the entire animal and not just the prized cuts. Offal is great value, on trend and extremely good for you. Our range includes the most popular and more unique hard-to-find offal.


Only 100% Australian female pork, Australian beef, free range lamb and premium grade red kangaroo are used across our smallgoods range. Premium products such as MB9 wagyu bresaola, flat pancetta, capocollo, guanciale and more unique products like kangaroo pastrami are air-dried in our state-of-the-art atmospheric curing room.