Paroo Premium Kangaroo

Paroo Kangaroo

Kangaroo has always been popular at Gamekeepers but recently there has been a rush on kangaroo, particularly the sirloin (backstrap). Perhaps more and more chefs and foodies are discovering the delicious earthy taste, or uncovering the health benefits or simply just loving the fact that Kangaroo is one of Australia's most sustainable meats. Whatever the reason, Kangaroo is booming! 

For over 5 years, we have partnered with Paroo - Australia’s only premium grade kangaroo meat.

Paroo got its name from where it originated, the Paroo Darling region in Far West NSW. An area known for its untouched land and abundance of native vegetation.

Cooked Paroo Kangaroo inspiration

What makes premium grade kangaroo meat?

After years of research and collaboration with chefs, Paroo have been able to capture perfectly balanced flavour and texture profiles. Only carefully selected Red Kangaroos are chosen based on seasonal conditions, water and grasses specific to each region in NSW, QLD & SA. 

Kangaroo is an uniquely Australian product - it's a grass-fed traditional food. The kangaroo industry not only helps in land management but is an excellent example of conservation through sustainable use.

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 WHOLESALE CUTS AVAILABLE: All products fresh unless specified

Paroo Kangaroo Striploin / KG 
Paroo Kangaroo Rump
/ KG 
Paroo Kangaroo Shoulder - Bone In  (frozen)
/ KG 
Paroo Kangaroo Tail (frozen)
/ KG 
Paroo Kangaroo Shanks (frozen)
/ KG 
Paroo Kangaroo Sirloin - Smoked
/ KG
Paroo Kangaroo Mince
/ KG 
Paroo Kangaroo Sausages
/ KG 
Paroo Kangaroo Sausage Mince
/ KG 


Availability can vary throughout the year.

Wallaby also available on request. 

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Paroo Kangaroo Backstrap


Paroo Kangaroo Tail


Paroo Kangaroo Mince

Kangaroo Sausages


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