$49 / 700g
$158.15 / 2.5kg
ICON XB Wagyu Whole Porterhouse MB6-7 3kg
$248.40 / 3kg
$100 / 300g
$87.50 / 2.5 kg
$222 / 1.2kg
$196.80 / 1.5kg
$150 / 900g
From $119
$155 / 1.5kg
From $92 / 600g

Wagyu is no longer considered only for restaurant menus; it has become a norm in the home cook repertoire. Cooked to perfection,  the unique levels of oleic monosaturated fats – the healthy fats that give the real depth and characteristics of the meat, offer a rich, umami, buttery-caramel taste sensation. Juiciness is also something that Wagyu will deliver every time, which means that it dissolves at lower melting temperatures, creating that irresistible salivation as it literally melts in your mouth. 

Dealing with this grade of meat is serious stuff, so we trust our partner's guardianship of impeccable grading certifications to ensure we have the best quality Wagyu is delivered to you every time. 

Looking for Wagyu in Melbourne and Victoria? Gamekeepers source the most superior quality.

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