SCOT Black Angus

Years in the making with a taste of tradition.

Scot of the South - Australian Black Angus has been inspired by this exceptional breed’s Scottish heritage. In 1808 an Angus County farmer had a vision - to create superior beef, selectively bred for high marbling content, exceptional tenderness, texture and flavour.

16 years later, a herd was established from that bloodline and became known as Aberdeen-Angus.

In 1820, those very cattle were introduced to Australia’s cool climate in Tasmania. From there, these genetics extended to other parts of the country, developing the premium Black Angus cattle Australia is synonymous with.

Today, Scot of the South cattle are raised in the Darling Downs and Liverpool Plains of Eastern Australia. The cattle graze on open pastures for 12 months and are then introduced to a specialised feeding program of top-quality grain for a minimum of 150 days.

The combination of 100% Australian Black Angus genetics, expert graziers and tailored feeding program has resulted in the perfect balance of superior eating quality, colour and overall consistency. 

Authentically Angus. 
100% Australian Black Angus
12-month pasture fed & min. 150-day grain fed
Marble Score 5+
Hormone Growth Promotant Free

Best practice animal welfare.
South of the South is grounded in traditional knowledge and expertise, then amplified by innovation and technique. From the paddock to the plate, the best practices are implemented for animal welfare, handling, feeding and transport.

The production and processing facilities have been designed and developed to the highest environmental and animal welfare standards. The cattle are antibiotic free and there is a zero-use policy for added hormone growth promotants.

    Scot Black Angus Tomahawk raw Scot Black Angus Scot Black Angus Tomahawk

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    Scot of the South - Australian Black Angus Scotch Fillet MB5
    Scot of the South - Australian Black Angus Chuck Tail Flap MB5
    Scot of the South - Australian Black Angus Flank MB5
    Scot of the South - Australian Black Angus Porterhouse MB5
    Scot of the South - Australian Black Angus Rost Biff MB5
    Scot of the South - Australian Black Angus Rump Cap MB5


    Scot Black Angus Rump cap Scot Black Angus Porterhouse Scot Tomahawk rack
    Scot of the South - Australian Black Angus has chosen Gamekeepers to be their Victorian Wholesale Agent.

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