While emu meat has been eaten by indigenous Australians for thousands of years, emu is growing in popularity locally and overseas as the ‘new’ Australian game meat. 

The emu is the second largest living bird by height (only the ostrich stands taller) and The Emu Farmers Co have been selectively breeding calm birds for the last 30 years and five generations to produce high quality emu meat, emu oil, feathers and eggs.

Animal husbandry is at the forefront of The Emu Farmers Co. The emus roam free in lush, green, rotational grazed paddocks and are ethically handled at every part of the process. There is zero-use policy for added hormones growth promotants and the farm is pesticide free. A state of the art licensed processing facility has recently been built on the farm so there is no transportation for the emu which can cause enormous stress and affect the quality of the meat.

The emus are around 2 ½ years of age when they are processed as this is when they peak in their fat. The processing season is from December - March.

The emu meat from The Emu Farmers Co is of exceptionally high quality, the size of the cuts are uniform and there is consistent supply.

Cooking with Emu:
Although emu meat has a similar taste to beef, the lack of fat means it needs to be cooked quite differently. Emu needs to be cooked ideally from rare to medium rare. Extended cooking time could result in it becoming dry. Emu meat takes on marinades well, just give them plenty of time to soak up the flavour and moisture. It pairs well with ginger, lemon juice, garlic, soy sauce, and honey or try an Outback Spirit Wattle Seed Herb.


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