From our must-try hand crumbed made to order chicken schnitzels, smoked chicken breasts, whole and butterflied chickens, finger-licking spicy chicken wings, rich chicken stocks and scrumptious gourmet sausages, there is so much to choose from you will want to keep coming back for more.

We exclusively source our chickens from Hazeldene’s, the supplier we vetted and awarded the high rating due to their exemplary track record of producing the best certifications and quality scores for chicken production in Victoria. These free-range birds have the ability to forage naturally amongst grasses, bushes and trees in a secure environment to exhibit all of their instincts. This gives the chickens a longer and happier life, which is reflected in the amazing eating quality of the bird.

Our customers always get excited about the restaurant-quality free-range poultry products on offer because the flavour and juiciness are always so good.

Ordering in bulk for your business? We are also a wholesale butcher who can provide large quantities of our products. 

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