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Wholesale February Monthly Specials

Thursday 1 February 2024 - Thursday 29 February 2024

all orders to be delivered by thursday 29 february

From perfectly dry-aged T-Bone steaks, precision cut SCOT of the South Full Blood Angus Tomahawks steaks, Hazeldene's chicken drumsticks, to the mother of all sauces... Béarnaise Sauce. 



42-Day Dry Aged Angus Beef T-Bone MB2-4 (portion min. 750g)

$48 /kg

More than just a steak; this T-Bone pushes the boundaries of flavour experience. The Angus cattle are carefully raised on grass and then finished on premium natural grain for around 150 days, ensuring a truly natural and hormone-free environment. We then take it on a 42-day dry ageing adventure. The result? A T-Bone that's creamy, delicate, and bursting with an exquisite flavour profile.

Only the best cuts get this special treatment. The 42-day dry aging process involves the ageing or ‘hanging’ of meat in our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity-controlled dry-ager. This process harnesses the natural enzymes within the meat to gradually break down the connective tissues in the muscle, resulting in a remarkably tender and flavourful steak.


ICON XB Wagyu Rump MB6-7 (ave. 6kg)

$27 /kg

Break it down into a Rump Cap, Rostbiff or roast whole for a special menu item. While the Rump may not have as much marbling as a rib eye, it has maximum flavour as it comes from one of the working muscles in the posterior.

ICON XB Wagyu is an acclaimed brand of Wagyu beef that originates from Tasmania. It has gained numerous awards and recognition for its exceptional quality. Renowned for its superior marbling, complex flavour, and unrivalled texture. Learn more about ICON XB Wagyu here


Scot of the South Full Blood Black Angus Tomahawk MB3-4 (min. 1.7kg)

$42 /kg

Experience the convenience of pre-portioned Tomahawk steaks for your valued clientele or special holiday menus. Each portion, individually cryovac-sealed, ensures an extended shelf life.

Top of the line Australian Black Angus cattle are raised in the Darling Downs and Liverpool Plains of Eastern Australia.The cattle graze on open pastures for 12 months and are then introduced to a specialised feeding program of top-quality grain for a minimum of 150 days. Learn more about Scot of the South here


Grass Fed Chateaubriand Eye Fillet MB2-3 (ave. 1.2kg)

$34 /kg

Perfect for sharing, this restaurant classic inspires culinary creativity, making it the ideal centerpiece for a memorable meal. Pair it with French fries with our luscious Béarnaise Sauce (also on special this month) or serve alongside the bold flavours of horseradish cream and red wine jus.

100% grass-fed with just the right amount of marbling. Crafted from the finest British and European breeds of cattle. Sourced from the lush, fertile pastures of Southern Australia, where reliable year-round rainfall creates an ideal environment for raising premium natural beef.


Grain Fed Beef Short Ribs Asado Cut 1.2cm FROZEN (ave. 5kg)

$24 /kg

Precisely cut by our in-house butchers to a thickness of 12mm, these ribs offer an exceptional balance between meaty indulgence and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Perfect for a Korean BBQ or taking on the flavours of South American cuisine.

AMH stands as one of Australia's oldest and most trusted beef brands. Cattle are sourced from expansive growing regions across Eastern Australia, ensuring a legacy of quality and trust in every cut.



Margra Lamb Hind Shank FROZEN (2pc/pack. ave. 1.2kg)

$14 /kg

A meaty cut encompassing the lamb's calf bone and the surrounding tender meat. Renowned for their exceptional tenderness, they truly shine when slow-cooked or braised, allowing the bone marrow within the shank to enrich the meat with a luscious flavour and succulence.

Margra Lamb is crafted by the Gilmore Family, third generation of livestock breeders from Oberon, NSW. Tailor-made for chefs, with its micro-marbled texture and an impressive low fat melting point, ranging between 28-35°C. The result is nothing less than extraordinary. Learn more about Margra Lamb


Hazeldene’s Chicken Drumstick FROZEN (ave. 5kg)

$5 /kg

Grill, bake, or fry - versatility at its best. Succulent meat, ready for your marinades, rubs, and sauces.

At the forefront of poultry production in Australia stands Hazeldene’s, an industry leader renowned for its unwavering commitment to consistent quality, animal welfare, innovation, and exceptional value. All Hazeldene's chicken is RSPCA approved.


Veal Backstrap (ave. 3kg)

$38 /kg

Veal backstrap is a long, cylindrical muscle that runs along the spine of a young calf. It's a prized cut known for its exceptional tenderness and mild flavour. This lean and tender piece of meat is highly sought-after and is considered the ideal choice for veal scallopini or medallions due to its exquisite texture and easy portioning.

We proudly partner with the most reputable farming network that upholds the recognised certifications of both animal welfare and best farming practices.


Farmed Rabbit FROZEN

$28 /kg

Rabbit is celebrated as a delicacy in many cuisines across the globe. From the hearty 'Civet de Lapin' (rabbit stew), confit rabbit, or the indulgent rabbit rillette in Frances, to its popularity in flavourful hotpots in China. Our farmed rabbits are renowned for their tender texture and mild, delicate flavour.

We proudly partner with expert producers known for their farming expertise in delivering high quality game products.



Bearnaise Sauce (2L)

$35 EA

Béarnaise Sauce is the mother sauce of French cuisine. The richness of the sauce improves virtually everything it touches.Using free-range eggs and preservative free white wine, the hard work has been done for you. This deliciously decadent sauce is ready to use on Steak Frites, burgers, asparagus or salmon.

Prestige Foods Australia were the first manufacturer of All-Natural Stocks and Sauces in Australia. We take pride in our partnership with Prestige, ensuring we supply you with top-quality stocks and sauces.

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