Gamekeepers Smokehouse

Gamekeepers Smokehouse


The Gamekeepers Smallgoods team is led by Chris Roach, 3rd generation butcher with over 25 years’ experience. Chris and his highly skilled team are meticulous and passionate about using authentic processes and the highest quality ingredients.

The imported smokehouse from Germany, continually smokes day and night to produce one-of-a-kind products such as award-winning wood smoked hams, kaiser fleisch, ham hock, bacon, wagyu pastrami, smoked duck and chicken products. A unique three-stage low smoking process using Victorian Mountain Ash wood chips is applied to give that distinct smoky sweet flavour.


  • At Gamekeepers, there is a zero-tumbling policy (a water and chemical bulking process widely used with commercially made ham).
  • All Gamekeepers' hams are made from one pork leg with the start weight the same as the finished weight.
  • For all pork products, we only use 100% Australian female ethically bred and reared, with rare breed pigs also available. 

What's tumbling?
Tumbling enlarges the muscle fibre cross-section which increases water retention capacity allowing hams to gain in excess of 50% in weight when pumped with soy proteins, vegetable gums and water. Commercially made hams are often made up of different pieces of the animal. You know the ham we're talking about - it's perfectly round, it's a bit shiny and does not taste like ham should.   


    Woodsmoked ham

    Smoked chicken

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    Kaiser Fleisch (Smoked Streaky Bacon)

    Gamekeepers Leg Ham On The Bone

    Mid Rasher Bacon

    Gamekeepers Leg Ham Bone Out

    Pastrami - Whole & Sliced

    Gamekeepers Sliced Leg Ham

    Wagyu Pastrami - Whole & Sliced

    Smoked Ham Hock

    Beef Brisket Smoked

    Smoked Ox Tongue

    Smoked Chicken Whole

    Smoked Duck Whole

    Smoked Chicken Breast

    Smoked Turkey Breast - Whole & Sliced

    Wholesale ordering online: With two ordering platforms available, it's easy to order online, review weekly specials or make changes to your order.

    Ordering with Tomsoft
    Ordering with Fresho


    New Wholesale Customers: See our wholesale information page here. If it’s your first time ordering from us, get in touch to set up an account on an ordering partner platform. Call us on 03 9555 7000 Monday to Friday between 7am and 4pm or email

    At Gamekeepers we take pride in providing you with the finest quality wholesale meats in Victoria and products that everyone can enjoy. Our expert staff are able to provide the best advice on what products you need to accommodate your requirements, please contact us with any of your meat or butchering needs.

    Retail Customers: We have secured a limited range of cuts available for our retail customers, view Gamekeepers Smokehouse range online for purchasing.


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