Gamekeepers Meats


Nothing says love more than a home cooked meal. Show Mum how much you care with one of our spectacular centrepieces. 

Here are Jerome’s tips & tricks to really impress Mum this Mother’ Day.



Crown Roast of Lamb

- low & slow is the best approach followed by a short browning at the end (the reverse sear)
- preheat oven to 90C and cook on a rack in a roasting tray for 1 1/2 hr
- to brown, crank the oven to the highest setting and cover the exposed bones with foil
- check every 5 mins and it’s ready when the meat reaches 54C
- rest for 15mins.



Whole Aylesbury-cross Duck

- preheat oven to 190C
- pat the duck dry using paper towel and season with salt
- ensure the vent end of the duck is open to allow even cooking
- place duck on a rack in a roasting tray (keep the reduced fat for roasting vegetables)
- roast for 40min per kg and make sure you rest for 20min before portioning



Pork Rack Roast

- remove from packaging 24hrs before cooking to let the meat air dry in the fridge
- take out of the fridge 2hrs before cooking
- start with a really hot oven (about 220C) for 15 mins and then turn it down to 170C to cook through for a further 30 – 45 mins depending on your taste
- rest for 10mins.