Gamekeepers Pork


We carefully select the highest quality female pork and free-range pork from trusted producers in Gippsland and South Australia. Our dedicated producers uphold the highest standards in animal husbandry, prioritising ethical and sustainable farming practices to deliver exceptional quality pork.

We are one of the few remaining meat wholesalers in Australia to procure the entire animal to ensure we can meet your specific cut requirements. Scroll down to explore the full range of available pork cuts or download our flyer.


We pride ourselves on our dry ageing program. Jerome hand-selects the very best free-range pork to go into our state-of-the-art facility. The pork is dry-aged for 28 days. 

Dry ageing is a process of ageing or ‘hanging’ meat and takes place in a temperature and humidity-controlled room. The process aids the natural enzymes in breaking down the connective tissue in the muscle. This results in exceptionally tender meat with a distinctive rich, buttery, and milky flavour.


Dry Aged Free Range Pork Barrel

Dry Aged Free Range Pork Belly

Dry Aged Free Range Pork Rack

Dry Aged Free Range Pork Cutlet

Gamekeepers pork is some of the best pork I’ve ever tasted. A true representation of an amazing Victorian product. We couldn’t imagine using anything else.
- Brendan Katich from Nomad

Gamekeepers ham hit all the major cornerstones of flavour - the perfect balance of sweet-salty-smoking umami flavour. 

- Jordan Clay from Pipi’s Kiosk




Pork Barrel

 Pork Belly - Bone In / Pork Belly - Bone Out

Pork Bacon Bones

Pork Belly - Bone Out, Rind Off

Pork Belly Rolled and Tied

Pork Belly - Pickled

Pork Back Hock - Square Cut /  Pork Back Hock - Bone Out

Pork Back Hock - Pickled

Pork Bones - 10kg

Pork Cheek - Rind Off

Pork Cheek / Pork Cheek Meat

Pork Cutlet

Pork Diced

Pork Hock - Front

Pork Fillet

 Pork Fat Mince

 Pork Hock - Bone Out

 Pork Loin - Bone In

Pork Loin Chop

Pork Leg - Bone In

Pork Liver

 Pork Loin - Skin On

Pork Loin Rolled and Tied

 Pork Loin - Denuded

Pork Loin with Belly Attached

 Pork Loin - Pickled

Pork Medallion

 Pork Loin Porchetta - Stuffed and Rolled

Pork Neck - Sliced / Pork Neck - Bone In

 Pork Neck - Scotch

 Pork Fat

 Pork Rack

Pork Belly Ribs

 Pork Riblettes

 Pork Rib Baby Back (Loin Rib)

 Pork Ribs - St Louis

 Pork Rump Roast - Netted

 Pork Scallopini - 2kg Tray

 Pork Shoulder - Bone In

 Pork Shoulder - Boston Butt

 Pork Shoulder Rolled and Tied

 Pork Skin

 Pork Shoulder Roast

 Pork Stir Fry

 Pork Cutlet

 Pork Topside

 Pork Trim

 Pork Trunk

Wholesale ordering online: With two ordering platforms available, it's easy to order online, review weekly specials or make changes to your order.

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New Wholesale Customers: See our wholesale information page here. If it’s your first time ordering from us, get in touch to set up an account on an ordering partner platform. Call us on 03 9555 7000 Monday to Friday between 7am and 4pm or email

At Gamekeepers we take pride in providing you with the finest quality wholesale meats in Victoria and products that everyone can enjoy. Our expert staff are able to provide the best advice on what products you need to accommodate your requirements, please contact us with any of your meat or butchering needs.

Retail Customers: We have an extensive range of pork cuts available for our retail customers, view our pork collection here


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