Beef Eye Fillet Roast

Beef Eye Fillet Roast

With its classic beef flavour and perfect roast-a-bility, this is popular because it is one of the softest and tender cuts of meat.



  1. Bring the beef to room temperature (1 hr). 
  2. Season the eye fillet generously with salt and pepper and drizzle with oil. 
  3. Heat a large heavy-based pan on high heat. When hot add the fillet and sear until brown on all sides. 
  4. Place the beef onto a large roasting tin and place it into the oven at 170°C, for 15 mins for medium-rare (or longer depending on your cooking preference). 
  5. For a more decadent flavour, when you remove from the oven, add some knobs of butter over the fillet and allow to melt while resting for 8 -10 mins before slicing into generous slices.



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    Beef Eye Fillet Roast


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