Gamekeepers Offal

From bones, to skin, to organs and blood, we have it all. From the feedback we receive from our chefs, we can confidently say, we have one of the largest range of offal in Australia. 

We are passionate about the nose to tail approach as you are able to utilise the entire animal and not just the prized cuts. Our range includes the most popular like split bone marrow and chicken feet to the more unique hard-to-find offal like fresh pig's blood.
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    Interesting, the word offal means 'to fall off the carcass'. This refers to when the animal is hoisted up by its hind legs and an incision is made down the belly and the innards would fall from the carcass. Today, the definition of offal has become much broader and now includes the head, tail and feet. 

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    Bone Marrow -1kg Tub Marrow Only
    Bone Marrow - In Tubes or Split
    Caul Fat - Crepenette
    Duck Heart
    Duck Liver
    Chicken Heart
    Chicken Feet
    Chicken Skin
    Ox Cheek - Fully Trimmed and Denuded
    Ox Tail - Whole or Cut
    Ox Tongue Fresh / Ox Tongue Fresh Pickled
    Ox Heart
    Veal Sweetbreads
    Veal Liver
    Lamb Brains - 6/Tray
    Lamb Tongue
    Lamb Sweetbreads
    Lamb Heart
    Lamb Liver / Fry
    Pigs Ears
    Pigs Blood 2lt
    Pigs Tongue
    Pork Cheek - Rind On / Pork Cheek - Cheek Nut Meat
    Pork Liver

    One of our best-selling offal. Not only is bone marrow a natural thickening agent, but it is also utterly delicious when roasted. See Aru serving up Wagyu tongue, bone marrow, Vietnamese sate, native pepperberry and betel leaves. 
    Offal is having a resurgence with even the NY Times predicting the 2023 Snack of the Year to be Crispy Chicken Skin (Read the article here)

    Probably the most well-known offal, we have chicken, duck, veal, lamb and pork liver available. Liver has a moreishness about it and can be slightly pink when served. Lilac Wine Bar in Cremorne serve up the most delicious Chicken Mousse Eclairs - a true labour of love.
    The heart is the strongest muscle in the body and needs to be cooked long and slowly to break down the muscle fibres. We have duck, chicken, ox and lamb heart available. Again the team at Lilac Wine Bar serve up this nostalgic dish of smoked & brined hearts and livers, seasoned with curry powder, horseradish, served on toasted brioche.