In-house Dry Ageing Program

Gamekeepers Meat Victoria Dry Ageing Program

Dry aged meat with the bone in, delivers a rich & buttery flavour and the most tender eating experience.

We pride ourselves on our dry ageing program. Jerome hand-selects the very best cuts to go into our state-of-the-art facility. 

Our range of products include:

  • 42-day grass fed beef
  • 42-day retired dairy cow (on request)
  • 35-day grass fed lamb (on request)
  • 28-day free-range pork
  • 7-day corn-fed duck
  • 7-day Aylesbury-Cross duck

What is dry aged meat?

Dry ageing is a process of ageing or ‘hanging’ meat and takes place in a temperature and humidity-controlled room. The process helps the natural enzymes in the meat to breakdown the connective tissue in the muscle. This creates the most tender meat with a distinctive rich, buttery and milky flavour.

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Dry Aged Club Steak 42-Day (Porterhouse on the Bone)

Dry Aged Rib Eye 42-Day

Dry Aged Rib Eye Set 42-Day

Dry Aged Shell Loin 42-Day

Dry Aged Free Range Pork Barrel

Dry Aged Free Range Pork Belly

Dry Aged Free Range Pork Rack

Dry Aged Free Range Pork Cutlet

Dry Aged Aylesbury-Cross Duck #22

 Dry Aged Aylesbury-Cross Duck Buffet #22

Dry Aged Corn Fed Duck Buffet

Dry Aged Corn Fed Duck

gamekeepers dry aged beef fresh meat


Wholesale ordering online: With two ordering platforms available, it's easy to order online, review weekly specials or make changes to your order.

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New Wholesale Customers: See our wholesale information page here. If it’s your first time ordering from us, get in touch to set up an account on an ordering partner platform. Call us on 03 9555 7000 Monday to Friday between 7am and 4pm or email

At Gamekeepers we take pride in providing you with the finest quality wholesale meats in Victoria and products that everyone can enjoy. Our expert staff are able to provide the best advice on what products you need to accommodate your requirements, please contact us with any of your meat or butchering needs.

Retail Customers: We have secured a limited range of cuts available for our retail customers, view the range online for purchasing. 

Gamekeepers Meat is a family owned, independent butchery in Melbourne. We source our meat from bottom-up and pride ourselves in being a full service butchery with delivery service, allowing you to get what you want when you want it.


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