Australian Emu

Australian Emu

We are pleased to announce, we have partnered with the world’s largest emu farm, The Emu Farmers Co, located in Northern Victoria.

While emu meat has been eaten by indigenous Australians for thousands of years, emu is growing in popularity locally and overseas as the ‘new’ Australian game meat. 

The emu is the second largest living bird by height (only the ostrich stands taller) and The Emu Farmers Co have been selectively breeding calm birds for five generations, 30 years of emu, to produce high quality emu meat, emu oil, feathers and eggs.

Animal husbandry is at the forefront of The Emu Farmers Co. The emus roam free in lush, green, rotational grazed paddocks and are ethically handled at every part of the process. There is zero-use policy for added hormones growth promotants and the farm is pesticide free. A state of the art licensed processing facility has recently been built on the farm so there is no transportation for the emu which can cause enormous stress and affect the quality of the meat.

The emus are around 2 ½ years of age when they are processed as this is when they peak in their fat. The processing season is from December - March.

We have partnered with The Emu Farmers Co as their meat is exceptionally high quality, the size of the cuts are uniform and there is consistent supply.


Emu is a red meat with an intense, deep colour and flavour. While many might imagine emu having a similar flavour to turkey or other large birds, the flavour is actually more akin to beef with a touch game. It has virtually no fat, high in protein & iron and low in cholesterol & sodium. With these nutrition credentials, it makes emu one of the healthiest red meats and has grown immensely popular with athletes and the health-conscious eater. Not only is emu a healthier alternative, it is also a cheaper alternative compared to beef or lamb.


    Although emu meat has a similar taste to beef, the lack of fat means it needs to be cooked quite differently. Emu needs to be cooked ideally from rare to medium rare. Extended cooking time can result in it becoming dry.

    We are proud to be stocking the best cuts of the emu:

    • Fan Fillet - The most tender and premium cut from the inside thigh.  Many chefs compare the Fan Filet to a Filet Mignon. It is most often sliced into steaks and pan fried or grilled.
    • Mixed steaks
      Oyster Steak - The egg-shaped fillet is found along the backbone just above the thigh. There is a thick sinew layer in the middle. Cut fine for stir fries or cook low & slow until perfectly tender.
      Round Steak - Small and not surprisingly round in shape. Perfect to be stuffed, netted/tied and then roasted. Slice finely for sandwiches or a talking point on the charcuterie board.
      Rump Steak - A lesser cut than the Fan Fillet and perfect for wet cooking like beef stroganoff.
    • Emu Mince - a healthy red meat alternative to beef mince. Made with 100% lean emu meat. Ideal for pan frying, pasta sauces or meatballs.
    • Liver - Emu liver is perfect as an alternative to beef liver for pates. Highly limited stock.

    *Mince and Fan Fillet will be available for retail customers.

    Emu meat takes on marinades well, just give them plenty of time to soak up the flavour and moisture. It pairs well with ginger, lemon juice, garlic, soy sauce, and honey or try an Outback Spirit Wattle Seed Herb.

    Download our flyer

      Emu Farmers fan fillet Emu Farmers logo Emu Farmers Mixed fillets


      The Emu Farmers Co. Fan Fillet
      The Emu Farmers Co. Mixed Steak (Oyster, Rump, Round)
      The Emu Farmers Co. Mince
      The Emu Farmers Co. Liver (Limited Availability)
      The Emu Farmers Co. has chosen Gamekeepers to be their Victorian Wholesale Agent.

      Want to know more? 

      Visit their site.
      Emu Wholesale Flyer


      Wholesale ordering online: With two ordering platforms available, it's easy to order online, review weekly specials or make changes to your order.

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      New Wholesale Customers: See our wholesale information page here. If it’s your first time ordering from us, get in touch to set up an account on an ordering partner platform. Call us on 03 9555 7000 Monday to Friday between 7am and 4pm or email

      At Gamekeepers we take pride in providing you with the finest quality wholesale meats in Victoria and products that everyone can enjoy. Our expert staff are able to provide the best advice on what products you need to accommodate your requirements, please contact us with any of your meat or butchering needs.

      Retail Customers: We have secured a limited range of cuts available for our retail customers, view the range online for purchasing.


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