Turkey Cooking Tips

Cooked Turkey

Create a flavoursome & juicy bird this Christmas with these tips.


  • Numurkah Free Range Whole Turkey (frozen)
  • Small bunch of bay leaves, thyme & rosemary
  • Salt & pepper


  1. Defrost in fridge 2 days before cooking. Bring your turkey up to room temperature (2-4 hours)
  2. Season well with salt & pepper
  3. Stuff a small bunch of herbs into the cavity - bay leaves, thyme & rosemary
  4. Cook at 180°C in a pre-heated oven
  5. Continually baste your turkey throughout the cook
  6. When the internal temperature of the turkey reaches 70°C remove from oven.
    Our new Meater Plus thermometers can help you with this. 
  7. Most importantly, cover loosely with foil and rest your turkey for as long as you cooked it to let the muscle fibres truly relax. 

Cooking time guide:  2.5kg = 1½ -2 hours  |  4.5kg = 3 - 3½ hours  |   6.75kg = 4½ - 5 hours 


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