Seasonal Update - July | Winter Oranges

Seasonal eating guide - Winter Oranges

Add some zest to your cooking.

There is something very unique about Citrus Fruits… they all lead double lives! The flavour and use of the juice being quite different from that of the peel.

Of all the citrus fruit, orange is by far the most popular particularly when you add in all the brothers & sisters of the orange family – mandarins, blood & bitter orange, sweet oranges.

Juicy, sweet & refreshing navel oranges are now just coming into season (June/July). While great for juicing, the characteristics of the orange is also highly compatible with other flavours. Here are some of our favourite combinations.

Orange & Beef :
A great example of this vibrant flavour combination is the well-known Chinese dish, Classic Orange Beef – a stir-fry of thinly sliced beef, fresh orange juice, orange zest, dried mandarin peel, soy sauce, star anise, dried red chili, ginger and garlic.

But the French really know their pairings with Beef Daube Provencal – slow cooked beef with orange zest, red wine, olives, tomatoes and herbs (bay leaf, thyme, rosemary & sage).

Orange & Duck:
This flavour combo goes so well. The bright citrus notes complement the slightly sweetened duck and the citrus cuts through the fattiness but still remains sweet. The most well-known is the French classic, Duck a l’Orange - seared duck breast glazed with a sweet orange sauce.

Orange & Ham:
A ham is considered a centrepiece on many Christmas tables and we have a glaze which we use every year. All you need is orange juice, brown sugar, cloves and mustard seeds. View the recipe here.

This could be the winning combination for your Christmas in July ham. Our highly prized free-range pork is sourced from Raven's Creek Farm (just 20km from Geelong). View our Ham on the Bone free-range Berkshire hams range here.

And don’t forget Orange & Chocolate!


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