Cooking with Buffalo

Cooking with Buffalo

Buffalo has quickly become a popular alternative for everyday cooking.  

With beef becoming more and more expensive, we are seeing customers branching out and our game products becoming increasingly popular – crocodile, venison, kangaroo, rabbit, wild boar and buffalo.

Our customers have a growing appetite for buffalo which is why we have increased our range to include Buffalo Porterhouse, Buffalo Scotch Fillet, Buffalo Mince and Diced Buffalo.


Buffalo meat is lean, high in protein and iron, making it a healthy choice. It has a lighter, slightly sweeter and more delicate flavour to beef which is why we can completely understand the attraction.

Our tips on cooking buffalo:

Buffalo is not hard to cook with but whatever you do, do not take a beef recipe and substitute it with buffalo. Buffalo needs less time and cooked at a lower heat as it does not have all the thick intra-muscular beef fat.

Diced buffalo is perfect for summer kebabs or stews and curries when cooked low and slow. 

Drizzle your Buffalo Porterhouse or Buffalo Scotch Fillet with olive oil and generously season with salt & pepper. Loosely cover and bring up to room temperature. On a medium grill or pan, just a few minutes on each side and cook to your preferred doneness. 

Buffalo mince is extremely versatile – meatballs, burgers, Bolognese, tacos, shepherds pie. The list is endless. Just remember to cook at a lower heat and it will likely need less time than your beef equivalent recipes.   

We only source Italian bloodline Riverina buffalo from South Australia. It’s farmed for its quality milk and meat.


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