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Meat Rubs

Meat rubs, herbs and salts are a wonderful way to infuse so much flavour into your meat, fish & vegetables.

To ensure the very best, we make all of our meat rubs in-house in the Gamekeepers Kitchen using only premium spices and herbs. We have also partnered with Outback Spirit to supply their incredible salts & herbs. 

HOT TIP:  Pat your meat dry using paper towels. Sprinkle generously and massage into the meat. You can even add a small amount of oil to help the meat rub stick. Make sure you give your meat rubs time to infuse. We leave ours a minimum of 4 hours to marinate but ideally 24 hrs. And most importantly, have your meat at room temperature before you cook it.


Middle Eastern Meat Rub: Hello Morocco. The aroma is spicy-sweet, with cloves and nutmeg with a hint of spicy cayenne notes.

Inspiration: Lamb, lamb & lamb. Marinate your lamb pieces for a tagine, or rub it all over your leg lamb roast, on your slow cooked rack of lamb or coat your lamb backstrap with it. You'll be hearing a round of applause and your table.

Mediterranean Meat Rub: Be transported to Italy with fennel and thyme, savoury umami, a hint of heat and a twinkle of rosemary at the end.

Inspiration: Rub into your roast chicken, or on your lamb backstrap and sear off & slice up. Or perhaps massage into your quail as an equally delightful compliment to the rich game flavour. 

Deep South Meat Rub: This rub is an addictive pot of tangy gold dust - with a mix of sweet paprika and brown sugar that then roll into peppery, chilli heaty notes.

Inspiration: This does wonders for any kind of white protein - chicken maryland, chicken wings, pork rack or even on a whole suckling pig. De-lish! You could even lather pieces of fresh pineapple steaks in the rub and chargrill them to a sweet-savoury perfection.

Barbecue Meat Rub: BBQ POW! Punchy flavour, tangy, herbaceous and sweet paprika & cumin notes, rolling peppery heat and salty savoury onion notes.

Inspiration: This is a rub a BBQ needs to roll around in. Lamb will sing with this flavour combo, ribs, a rack or your favourite country style chop. Short ribs or a juicy piece of rib-eye steak would also be a treat dancing with these flavours.



Outback Spirit - Pure Australian Herbs & Salts

100% Australian owned with a strong tradition and focus on the provenance of the ingredients in their products. Outback Spirit are the leaders in native food products.

We have a collection of Salts and Herbs available. The Salts range are made with sea salt from Northern Queensland and infused with Australian native herbs. The Herbs explore the herbaceous wonderland that Australia offers. Featuring herbs from the leaves of tall rainforest trees of the North, to seeds from the vast and arid Central Deserts, to fragile, tender herbs from gullies, and to leaves from sub-alpine trees of the South.

Wild Herb Salt: Is infused with the deliciously aromatic leaf herbs of rainforest Anisata, woodland Rivermint and spicy Tasmanian Mountain Pepperleaf. 

Inspiration: The salt is utterly addictive and we use it on everything - to get the best crackle on our pork roasts, chips, fish, salads, steaks and roast veggies.

Check out this recipe for Roast Pork with an amazing Wild Herb crackling here 

Tasmanian Pepper Salt: Another favourite, it is infused with spicy Tasmanian Mountain Pepper and Pepperberries.

Inspiration: Rub on meats before roasting, grilling or BBQing for a delicious flavour lift. 

Check out this delicious Anisata Lamb Fillet recipe here 

Outback Spirit Pure Australian Herbs - 4 Pack 

Outback spirit 4 pack

Lemon Myrtle
The dried and ground leaves of the Lemon Myrtle tree from the eastern tropical rainforests. The leaves are intensely citrus flavoured and fragrant.

Inspiration: ideal with white meats, fish, seafood and  desserts

Mountain Pepper Herb: An intense flavour which is spicy & aromatic with a hot pepper burst. Can be used in place of ordinary pepper.

Inspiration: best to add towards the end of cooking to retain the flavour and heat.

Anisata Herb: 
The flavour is similar to star anise and fennel but also with a hint of sweetness.

Inspiration: suitable for both savoury and sweet dishes. It is intensely flavoured so small amounts deliver a big flavour hit.

Wattle Seed Herb:
An extremely versatile ingredient and may be used in savoury recipes such as pasta and bread and as a seasoning for meat.

Inspiration: wattle seed really comes into it's own in baking and dessert making.




GAMEKEEPERS MEAT: As a proudly Victorian owned business, our products are locally sourced and expertly prepared by our master butchers. 

DELIVERY: Check our delivery locations across Victoria, with the post code checker here.

RECIPES & INSPIRATIONS:  View all cooking inspirations here.


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