New Season Venison

We are in partnership with the prestigious McKinnon Family, situated in South-West Victoria. This collaboration provides you exclusive access to the finest New Season Venison - the renowned Red Deer, celebrated for being the best eating venison. 

Experience the flavour of Red Deer

Red Deer offers tender, flavourful meat that strikes the perfect balance. Its subtle gamey taste stands out without overpowering the palate. The unique allure of this venison lies in its tender texture and delicate undercurrent of sweetness, attributed to the deer's natural grass diet at Ardno Deer Park.   

Ardno Deer Park

Spread across 2,000 acres in South-West Victoria, Ardno Deer Park is the pride of the McKinnon Family. Their farm is a harmonious home to Red Deer, Canadian Elk, Fallow Deer, and sheep.

The deer at Ardno Deer Park feed on the lush grass of South-West Victoria, supplemented with grain, hay, and silage – a younger, softer grass with enhanced nutrients – during pregnancies and nursing periods.

An integral aspect of their farming is meticulous tracking of the deer's family tree, ensuring superior genetics and providing precise knowledge of each deer's origin. This commitment to traceability speaks volumes about the McKinnon's dedication to quality.

The McKinnon's have an unwavering commitment to a strict zero-use policy of no added hormones, reinforcing their dedication to producing venison of the highest quality.

The optimal time for harvesting Red Deer for its meat is around 2 years of age, when they reach their peak weight, resulting in perfectly sized steaks.

The deer plays a pivotal role at Ardno Deer Park, valued for both its succulent meat and velvet horns. Here's an intriguing fact: did you know that deer grow a new pair of horns each year?

In addition to their farming endeavours, Andrew McKinnon holds the esteemed position of President of the National Deer Association, exemplifying his dedication to the industry and its growth.


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Venison Backstrap


Venison Denver Leg -  Fully Denuded


 Venison Diced


Venison Eye Fillet


Venison Fore Shank


Venison Hind Shank


Venison Leg - Boneless


Venison Neck


Venison Osso Bucco


 Vension Rack


 Venison Ribs


 Venison Saddle


 Venison Sausage


 Venison Shoulder - Bone Out


 Venison Short Loin


 Venison Trim


 Venison Whole Body


 Venison Lean Mince


 Venison Bones Cut


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