Australian Camel

We’re passionate about offering you exciting new culinary experiences, and we’re thrilled to announce our latest addition: Limited Release Camel from Central Australia.
Our master butchers have crafted a variety of cuts including Osso Bucco, Porterhouse on the Bone, Tomahawk, Neck, Diced & Minced camel.

The Flavour Profile:
Camel meat has a taste and texture similar to mild beef.
Nutritional Benefits:
Comparable to common proteins, camel meat shines with its low intramuscular fat, low cholesterol, and high iron content, offering a nutritional edge over beef and lamb.

Sourced from Central Australia, our wild camel is brought in for supplementary feeding to ensure optimal eating quality.
From succulent slow-cooked dishes to tender steaks, camel adapts effortlessly. Porterhouse and tomahawk steaks are best seared on a very hot surface, while osso bucco, neck, and diced camel are perfect for tagines. Camel mince lends itself beautifully to Middle Eastern style camel burgers.

By choosing this sustainable protein, you're actively contributing to ethical and responsible sourcing practices and contributing to the conservation efforts of our Australian bush.