Japanese A5 Wagyu Scotch Fillet 300g

$120 / 300g

This A5 classified Wagyu, is the highest grade given only to the finest Japanese beef. The marbling indicates that cattle have been hand-raised in the lush wilderness using organic rice and natural feed, pure water, and living roaming in clean air. The eating experience is high on salivation, with a smooth velvety texture but delicate on richness. The amazing taste will linger, so too will the happy memory.

Inspiration: Take out of the fridge 1 hour before you cook to bring to room temperature. Season well with high-quality sea salt and pepper back to front. Using a thick based pan, have the heat on low. Use sesame oil to cover the top of the pan, and add some sliced garlic to create a fragrance in the oil. Add the season meat, and allow it too cook for 2 minutes, turning repetitively, because you don't want a crust. Then take it out of the pan, and allow it to rest for 3 minutes on your board. And then, on low heat, return the steak to the pan, and cook for a further minute, turning throughout. Allow it to rest for another 5 minutes and then serve. You will enjoy such a gentle, delicious softness as you eat this prized possession!

Provenance: Representing a new era of Wagyu farming, Wagyu Beef are bred only by a small group of Wagyu Farmers. These Master farmers have a deep devotion to animal welfare and producing the highest quality.

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