Smoked Ham Hock 1.2kg

$13 / 1.2kg
There is a trick to getting this little gem so authentically German tasting, or as they call it "Pork Knuckle". And that is to brine the ham hock first, then triple smoke it, slowly, over 8 hours.

Inspiration: It doesn't need to be Oktoberfest to feast on one of these. This could almost be a national pride dish for the Germans, served with nothing but sauerkraut and mustard. To us here, many just love this slowly cooked in our Pea & Ham Soup, with luscious flakes of the ham swimming in the green pool of sweet-umami-ham liquor.

Provenance: All made in-house by our expert team of butchers, with a recipe handed down over the generations. We source the pork from our chosen Victoria's premier pork farmers network, supporting "Sow Stall Free" breeding practices and the highest certified standards in ethical and sustainable farming.

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