Pork Ribs 2kg

$18 / 2kg $36 / 2kg

Our butchers break down this speciality cut, carved from the belly side of the rib cage, perfect for a low and slow cook in the oven or BBQ. While pork ribs' fat content might be considered less-than-healthy, its mineral content is great for you. Pork ribs supply significant amounts of iron and zinc, two nutrients you need to get from your diet.

Inspiration: Juicy melt-in-your-mouth pork ribs, cooked low and slow are fall-off-the-bone delicious! Double up on incredible flavour and apply a wet mixture of 1 cup of Mirin (Japanese rice wine) with 3 tbsp of our Deep South Meat Rub to marinate the pork. Cover in cling film and let marinade overnight. Bring the ribs to room temperature, and set your oven at 150'C. Place in a roasting tray with all the juices from the marinade with 1/2 a cup of water in the base of the tin, cover completely with tin foil and cook for 2.5 hours. Let them rest for 10 minutes before serving them, and you'll have finger-licking-good ribs right there!

Provenance: We work with a network of Victorian pork farmers that support "Sow Stall Free" breeding practices. A stress-free life for the animal truly creates the best flavour profile on your plate.

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