Leg Ham Sliced - Traditional Wood Smoked 300g

$8 / 300g
Very traditional, and smoked using the flavourful Victorian Mountain Ash woodchips. The result is a really lovely mild, very clean, sweet-savoury and super soft in the mouth. There is a reason this is an award-winning ham.

Inspiration: An essential pantry item for many quick and easy options - your Saturday afternoon salad sandwich, the kid's lunchbox, a Sunday morning cheese toastie, or on your Hawaiian pizza. And there are those of us, that just like to eat it, piece by piece. Yum.

Provenance: We are really proud of our smoking process, all done in-house, the hams have a "3-smoke" process, which is incredibly gentle, short spurts of smoking, which allows the meat to take on the flavour and then rest, maintaining the supremely delicate texture and softness a ham should have. It's with this level of detail, that you can always taste the difference at Gamekeepers.
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