Beef Rib Eye Roast - Grass Fed 1.5kg

$95 / 1.5kg
Most will tell you this is the tastiest, and most elegant roasting cuts, taken from the centre of the ribs. It is a succulent, extremely tender prime category of meat. Perfect for your Sunday Roast rituals of getting together after a long week. The "Beef Eaters" in your clan will never be left hungry with this beauty. Perfect size for 4-6 people.

Inspiration: Rub the meat with dijon mustard - or peppercorn rub mix, salt and pepper and let marinate in your fridge for 4hrs. In a roasting tin, add rosemary, thyme, whole garlics around the beef, some whole shallots in their skin, potatoes and your favourite root veg. Sauce it up using our red wine sauce available to purchase in the pantry store.

Provenance: Proudly supporting our partners who supply us with the whole premium grass-fed beef, raised by best-practice ethical farming in Victoria. Our in-house butchers then break down each portion ready for your home cooking.
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