Hazeldene's Free Range Whole Chicken #17 - 1.7kg

$13.50 / 1.7kg
This is your ticket to some happy faces at the dinner table - who doesn't love roast chicken!

Inspiration: Slice into quarters an orange and lemon, a whole bulb of garlic and sprigs of thyme, and put inside the cavity of the chook, this will increase the flavour of the bird and marinade it while cooking. Put butter or olive oil over the skin, and season lavishly. Add all your favourite root vegetables and whole cloves of garlic in the roasting tin. Cook for 1hr 20 mins in an oven at 180'C, and rest for 15-20 mins. Make a gravy from all the yummy bits in the roasting pan, using our chicken stock to make a richer more umami gravy, serve with green beans or broccolini.

Provenance: Sourced from Hazeldene's, the best in the business for Free Range Chicken, they not only consistently provide the best quality, but they are also leaders in maintaining strictly certified animal welfare practices.
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