Hazeldene's Free Range Butterflied Chicken (Peri Peri Seasoned) 1.7kg

$18 / 1.7kg
We have removed the backbone of this whole chicken. "Peri-Peri", comes from the African Bird's Eye Chili. The peri-peri marinade has a medium heat, hint of garlic, some tangy lime/citrus tones, and a rolling sweetness so the chilli is not too overpowering.

Inspiration: The Portuguese have laid claim to it as well as many famous chefs, regardless, it is a tangy flavour bomb, perfectly matched with the sweetness of chicken meat and the richness of crispy chicken skin. So easy to cook on the BBQ for the lovely chargrilled smoky flavour to add to the already punchy marinade. YUM.

Provenance: Sourced from Hazeldene's, the best in the business for Free Range Chicken, and ethical farming standards, our in-house butcher's marinate the bird in our own recipe and take the backbone out for a beautifully looking butterflied bird.
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