Free Range Lamb Loin Chops 1kg

$30 / 1kg
The free-range loin chop is what Chefs call the prized section of the lamb or the T-bone. The flavour and tenderness from farming the traditional way make all the difference. When beautifully cooked, the grass-fed meat flavour sings all on its own!

Inspiration: Have the chops at room temperature (1 hr out of the fridge), pat dry and season the meat on both sides. Preheat your pan so it's nice and hot. Use only a touch of olive oil on the meat, and then sit all the chops in your hot pan fat side down, and allow to caramelize into a golden colour for a couple of minutes. Then sear on each side for 3-4 mins. Take out of the pan and rest before you serve. Delish.

Provenance: Lamb grass-fed their whole life, grazing in fertile pastures always produces a delicious tasting lamb. We only source from suppliers that take their lambing seasons very seriously, and that are grown responsibly with the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental care.

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