Wagyu Rib Eye Marble Score 3+ 1.4kg

$86 / 1.4kg
Rib Eye is a classic favourite, and with this MB4 scoring, it is really a step above the rest. Rich Flavourful meat, and there no need for a special occasion to enjoy it either.

Inspiration: Have your steak ready at room temperature (remove 1 hr before hand) and pat dry with paper towel. Oil the meat, then season lavishly. Get your pan super hot and sear for 1 min on each side, remove the steak for 1-2 mins and turn the heat right down to a low temperature. Cook the meat for 2 mins on each side on low heat, then rest for 5 mins in a warm place. Pair with a good red wine, or bearnaise sauce. Dress up your plate with green beans, and some steamed cocktail potatoes tossed in butter and some fresh chives.

Provenance: Sourced directly from our trusted partners, with generations of proven farming experience.

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