Wagyu Porterhouse Marble Score 9+ 300g

$38 / 300g
For pushing the boundary on flavour experiences, this is the ticket. Is it distinctly creamy from the high score of marbling, yes, but yet delicately so. Surpassing the rest in terms of umami richness, and memorability of such a gentle mouth-feel. Served in a quintessentially smaller portion, it is adequately delux and feels just enough to satisfy the curiosity of your diners.

Inspiration: Be a wagyu master and cook it like a pro. The beef should be at room temperature to start (1 hr), then it is all about the sear and wrap process. Gently sear for 1 mins on each side and then wrap in foil to rest for 5 mins (allowing it reabsorb those rich juices). For medium-rare, repeat the process but sear for 30 seconds on each side this time. After the second resting time, for the doneness, use a skewer in the centre to check the temperature, if the tip of the skewer is just warm perfect, this is what you are after. (If it is cold, it will mean rare and might need more time to cook).

Provenance: Dealing with this grade of meat, it's serious stuff, so we rely on our trusted suppliers, who are the leaders in the business here in Australia. We trust in their impeccable grading certifications, to ensure we have the best quality MB9 delivered to you every time.

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