Wagyu Porterhouse Bone In Marble Score 5 700g

$60 / 700g

Wagyu is famed for its high levels of marbling, at this score, with the combination of the bone in for optimal cooking results, this porterhouse is a winner.

Inspiration: You could be in Florence taking in the wildly sexy smells of "Bistecca alla Fiorentina" sizzling over high heat, yet be cooking away in your kitchen. Deeply caramelised on each side, served as the Tuscans do, sliced on a large wooden board with rosemary, sprinkled lavishly with sea salt and olive oil - this is just sublime.

Provenance: Outside of Japan, the largest population of Wagyu cattle isn't in America, it’s in Australia. In our partners, the best practice farming standards, and the number one principle in delivering the highest grade and quality in Wagyu is managing the stress of the animal to zero. Australian Farmers take considerable steps to make sure these animals from birth to harvest are in a stress-free environment, every day. Why? Stress creates cortisol which will deteriorate the quality of beef.

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