Beef Bacon - Sliced 500g

$10 /500g

If you thought regular bacon was delicious, wait until you taste the crispy golden goodness of beef bacon. Our house made beef bacon is cured, dried, smoked and then sliced (similarly to the thickness of middle rasher bacon).

Our beef bacon is salty, beefy, a bit heavier than pork bacon and utterly delicious. It's no wonder it's becoming a food trend around the world.

Inspiration: beef bacon will upgrade everything from your breakfast burgers, salads or sandwiches or wrapped around a chicken breast or meatloaf. The ideas are endless. 

Provenance: we have built our business on the commitment to sourcing premium grade meat from some of Victoria's best farmers and livestock producers.

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Pickup Address: 7 Edgecombe Court, Moorabbin, VIC 3189
Store Hours: 10am - 3pm (Monday - Friday)

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