Pork Ribs marinated in Deep South Meat Rub 1kg

$20 / 1kg
The ribs are broken down by our butchers in-house, and deeply marinated in our own meat rub; a mix of sweet paprika, and sugar tones, that then roll into peppery, chilli heaty notes, with a tap of brown sugar sweetness coming back at you at the end.

Inspiration: Ribs have become hugely popular now with a welcomed migration away from the traditional ribs = barbecue sauce! This rub penetrates deep into the meat, so you get that melt in your mouth sweet flakey meat, with a pop of "hello, I'm here" heat and tang from the marinade!

Provenance: Sourced from Victoria's premier pork farmers network, supporting "Sow Stall Free" breeding practices and the highest certified standards in ethical and sustainable farming.
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