Wagyu Beef Burgers (6 x 150g) 900g

$20 / 900g
Made fresh to order with nothing else added than salt and pepper. These are the deluxe set of burgers for sure. And remember this is no regular burger when it comes to cooking. Because of the luscious fat content, these burgers are best-cooked medium rare to keep the juicy moist flavours in the pattie.

Inspiration: The best way to cook them is on a high heat and fast. An incredibly tasty and modern cheeseburger is with grated Comte cheese on top, slices of pickled dill cucumber, kewpie mayo and dijon mustard. Whatever takes your fancy, a burger build is always your choice, so have fun with it.

Provenance: Sourced from our partnered Australian suppliers with generations of experience. Our butchers then make the burgers fresh to order in-house.

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