Salami & Sausage Making Season

Salami and Sausage making

Winter is here which can only mean one thing... it's Salami making season.

Cold garages and kitchens around Victoria are getting prepared for this handcrafted art. Nose to tail eating is really important to us and we believe making salami shows a real appreciation for the animal as nothing goes to waste. 

To celebrate this garage-to-plate tradition, here are our top tips:

The Pig – choosing good quality dry sow meat is one of the most important steps in salami making. 

We only source the highest quality dry sow pigs from our trusted producers in Gippsland and South Australia. 5kg coarse or fine mince sow meat is available and all vacuumed packed. Looking for a whole sow? Just contact our customer service team directly on 03 9555 7000.

Equipment - you’ll need a funnel or sausage filler, sharp knives, natural casings, a pricker, nitrate or starter culture, twine & a cold garage.

We have 24mm natural casing, 32mm natural casing, ox bung, nitrate & twine available in our shop.

Ingredients – The best quality herbs, spices, wine, salt and curing salts are the key ingredients to making great salami. Even use herbs from your own garden.  

Keep in clean – it is imperative to keep everything super clean – equipment, surfaces and utensils. Even better, sterilise your equipment beforehand to control the bacteria.  Wear gloves and wash your hands regularly.

Storage - Hang in your garage or in a cool well-ventilated space and when it's ready, enjoy with your family and friends.

Grappa – don’t start drinking Grappa until at least 10am! It’s going to be a long day.

Salami and Sausage making

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Pork Fat - Whole   |   Pork Fat - Mince   |   Beef Suet   |   Nitrate   |   Twine
Fine Mince Sow Meat   |   Coarse Ground Sow Meat   |   Whole Sow (on request)

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