Our golden tips for cooking a golden goose

Gamekeepers Christmas Goose

A traditional alternative to a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey. Goose is a real treat with it's rich, golden crispy skin.  

Goose has a higher fat content than turkey but most of this fat is under the skin rather than in the meat. This allows the fat to melt during cooking and bastes the breast, keeping it deliciously juicy.

  • Defrost your Gamekeepers Goose in the fridge 2-3 days before cooking (depending on size)

  • Take out of the plastic and let it sit on kitchen paper in the fridge to allow the goose to dry out for 1 day prior to cooking
  • Take the goose out of the fridge 2-4 hrs before cooking (so it comes up to room temperature)
  • Sprinkle with salt (liberally) all over the goose, it really helps to crisp up the skin and adds flavour
  • Fill the cavity with orange slices, a bulb of garlic, an onion and fresh herbs

    Rule of thumb to cook the goose, roast in the oven for 30 minutes per 1kg at 180ºC.

    Here is an indicative guide for the size of goose you’ll need and how long it will take to cook.

     Goose size -
    Approx. Serving size - 
    Approx. Time to cook -
    3 - 5 people
    1 hour 45mins
    5 - 6 people
    2 hours
    6 - 8 people
    2 hours 15mins
    8 - 9 people
    2 hours 30mins


    • If using a meat thermometer, you want to get to between 65 - 74 degrees depending on how you like your goose cooked. We can highly recommend the Meater Plus.
    • Let the bird rest - we don't serve our goose piping hot (particularly on a hot Australian Christmas Day) so the bird can rest for a minimum of 20 mins  or up to an hour in a warm place.

    Just remember the oven is often a hotly contested space on Christmas Day. Take care when opening the oven to just ‘check on the goose, turkey, ham, roast potatoes’ as every time that oven is open, it loses precious heat. Guard your oven and keep the heat inside!

    Our favourite way of cooking a goose is to deconstruct it - remove the legs and confit the legs in our Premium Duck Fat and roast the crown of the goose separately. You’ll get a perfectly cooked goose, rather than perfectly cooked legs and overcooked breast. You can shred the tender goose legs and carve the breast quite finely.

    If you want to cook the goose whole, cover the breast with tin foil or in our streaky bacon to keep it from drying out. 

    However you decide to cook your goose, just remember to baste your goose frequently while roasting so the breast meat remains moist and flavourful.

    Sour cherries, sage, pomegranate and streaky bacon are some of our favourite goose flavour pairings. 

    Don't let all the goose fat go to waste. Goose fat is gold so save it for crispy roast potatoes. 

    PLEASE NOTE: This is an inspirational guide only; recipe details and cooking information are a freestyle cooking process and are not to be taken as exact. Finished results may vary, if looking for a detailed cooking guide we recommend searching for more options on Google.

    GAMEKEEPERS MEAT: Our geese are sourced through the leading and primary ethical farming producer in South Australia, with the highest certifications for animal welfare.

    As a proudly Victorian owned business, our products are locally sourced, expertly prepared by our master butchers. Make your Christmas cooking simpler this year by ordering online with Gamekeepers meat.

    DELIVERY: Check our delivery locations across Victoria, with the post code checker here.

    RECIPES & INSPIRATIONS:  View all cooking inspirations here.


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