Raven's Creek Free-Range Berkshire Pork

Ravens Creek farm

Raven’s Creek Farm is located in Moriac (22km West of Geelong) and rear free-range Berkshire pigs. These pigs live as nature intended, farmed without cages or fixed sheds, allowing them to roam freely in a natural and stress-free environment.


  • Natural Farming: Farmed without cages or fixed sheds, living as nature intended across 90 acres of bio-diverse farmland.
  • Pure Pasture-Raised: 100% naturally pasture-raised, with no chemicals, for a richer flavour
  • Sustainable Farming: Regenerative farming techniques in order to restore the land.


Berkshire pigs are an English heritage breed, also known as Kurobuta pork. This breed is internationally renowned as the best quality pork in the world due to the excellent meat-to-fat ratio, marbling and slow growth which results in superior texture, flavour and tenderness. It’s the wagyu of the pork world.

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    Ravens Creek Farm

    Only the very best cuts free-range cuts are selected to go into our dry-ageing room. That's why, all of our dry aged pork is Raven’s Creek free-range Berkshire pork. We dry age our pork for 28 days. 

     Raven’s Creek Free-Range Dry Aged Pork Barrel

    Raven’s Creek Free-Range Dry Aged Pork Belly

    Raven’s Creek Free-Range Dry Aged Pork Rack

    Raven’s Creek Free-Range Dry Aged Pork Cutlet

    Raven’s Creek Free-Range Traditional Smoked Whole Ham On The Bone

    Raven’s Creek Free-Range Traditional Smoked Half Ham On The Bone


    Ravens Creek

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