Free Range Lamb Eye Fillets (Tenderloins) 1kg

$35 / 1kg
The tenderloin, or eye fillet, is prepared from a side of lamb from the underside of the short loin. It has virtually no fat or connective tissue and is one of the most tender cuts of lamb. The flavour is more subtle, and it melts in your mouth.

Inspiration: Bring to room temperature (1 hr) and pat dry. Brush with vegetable oil, and season well on all sides of the strip. Get your pan on high heat, and allow it to get hot for a minute, do not add oil. Add the lamb strips in, without touching each other and allow to cook on all sides for a minute. Only cook these for about 5 mins each for a medium rare center. Allow to rest for 5 mins in a warm place, then slice and eat!

Provenance: Humanely raised on spacious pastures, our farming partners will tell you, a stress-free lifestyle produces lamb that is distinctively mild, tender.

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