Gamekeepers Meats


We have a range of beef depending on your needs:

John Dee Warwick Grain Fed Beef

John Dee cattle are handpicked from a network of some of Australia’s best farming families in the New England region, famous for their production of extremely high-class cattle. The beef is derived from premium European breeds of cattle, predominantly Black Angus, but also Murray Grey and Charolais.

They enjoy a healthy grain diet that is free of antibiotics and chemicals. This, combined with aging means they have superior marbling, and a seriously good deep flavour.


Gamekeepers Dry Age Grass Fed Beef 

Gamekeepers premium beef is free-ranged and grass-fed, born and raised in areas such as Gippsland and The Grampians, Victoria. The cattle roam freely on lush green pastures imbuing the beef with a full flavour and a tender bite. We select carefully the best carcasses for our dry ageing room. The meat is dry aged for up to 42 days which according to research is the time where the meat has reached its full potential, the balance between tenderness, taste and juiciness is at an optimum.


Grass Fed Beef

From the largest producer of beef in Australia, JBS Swift, we have selected 3 of their exclusive brand.

Little Joe which carries a minimum marble score of 4 making it arguably the most exclusive pasture fed beef ever offered in Australia.

Pinnacle has a minimum marble score of 2 and represents the top 2% of the grass fed beef graded of the Great Southern beef program.

Red Gum Creek is a wonderful entry level of the Great Southern program. Cattle are sourced from European breed such as Angus and Hereford and are free of added hormones and antibiotics.


Wagyu Beef


We have access to a multiple range of grain-fed and grass-fed Australian Wagyu Beef as well as outstanding Japanese Wagyu Beef. Please contact us to discuss your requirement and prices.


Moondarra Wagyu Beef – Gippsland

Moondarra Tajima cattle graze on the green pastures that grow atop the volcanic soils of the Moondarra Gippsland Mountain Rivers region. Tajima cattle are the type of Wagyu grown in the Hyogo prefecture, from where the famous “Kobe” beef originates. The beef is aged on the bone to produce extra depth and complexity of flavour and a whole new dimension of tenderness. Grass-fed, the Tajima has the melt in your mouth sweetness of Kobe beef as well as the wonderful minerality and rich flavour of grass-fed beef, often seen in Scottish or Argentian beef.