Squab Pigeon No. 3 (frozen) 300g

$23.50 / 300g
Squab (or young pigeon), is often considered a delicacy and has become hugely popular in fine dining restaurants. The super-soft red meat is a moist dark meat with a very slight gamey flavour, similar to that of duck. Roasted whole, prepared like Peking Duck, braised in casseroles or pies, there are so many delicious applications for your curiosity to explore at home.

Inspiration: Cooking these little gems needs a little attention, you want your oven hot enough (200'C) to crisp up their skin, but you don’t want to overcook the interior meat, the breast must stay medium rare. Roasting a squab is a lot like roasting a whole chicken, only reduced time. Rub in olive oil over the skin and season well. Cook for 15 mins on high, and a further 5 mins on 170'C. Rest for 5-8 mins and serve.

Provenance: Our Squab Pigeons are sourced from one of Australia's expert producers in North-West Victoria, farming in the most native environment, and maintaining sustainable farming practices where possible.


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