Gamekeepers Meats


Gamekeepers Smallgoods

Gamekeepers’ smallgoods are made using the finest natural ingredients to be found. Rare breed pigs are hand selected as live animals and grown to the correct age and size in country Victoria. The meat used in Gamekeepers’ smallgoods is further selected on colour and muscle confirmation. The secret of good smallgoods is to use good meat to start with, therefore only primal muscles such as rump, silverside and topside are used. Trim, which is commonly used throughout Australia in salami and other smallgoods, is not included in our products.

The award winning team of first and second generation Italians produce what is arguably the best traditional Salami products made on a commercial scale in the country. Each batch is gently fermented and cured to ensure no bitter acid aftertaste is present. This is the final stage of production, which is tightly controlled by Father and Son team Enzo and Daniel Vecchiet. Gamekeepers’ range of smallgoods and salami are produced using old-fashioned techniques and recipes. Therefore we anticipate demand to be strong.


Smoked Smallgoods

Our smokehouse has finally arrived and is now operational! Gamekeepers smoked products are all handmade, triple smoked with a blend of Australian hardwood.

For our pork products we use 100% Australian female pork, mostly rare breed pigs.  Our hams are never tumbled, which is a process widely used with commercially made ham.  Tumbling, sometimes for 18 hours, enlarges the muscle fibre cross-section which increases water retention capacity allowing hams to gain in excess of 50% in weight when pumped with soy proteins, vegetable gums and water.  Commercially made hams are often made up of different pieces of the animal.  Gamekeepers hams are made from one pork leg with a minimal difference between a starting and finishing weight.  We are proud of the way we make our hams, which is reflected in the taste.

The smallgoods we produce at Gamekeepers include English Black pudding, Morcilla, Bacon, Kaiser Fleish, Smoked Duck, Smoked Chicken, Pastrami, Terrines and many more.