Wagyu Scotch Fillet Marble Score 9 300g

$38 / 300g

A signature wagyu cut, of the highest and finest grade for marbling. This is balance and harmony, delivered earthy rich beef flavours with buttery notes of marbling distinction.

Inspiration: Try Tetsuya's style of cooking - use low heat on the pan, add unroasted sesame oil, then add some sliced garlic to season the oil. Make sure the meat is at room temperature (remove 1 hr before hand), and then add to the pan. Keep turning the meat, over and over, only using a spatula and not tongs - so not to stretch the meat with this high level of marble scoring. Gentle cooking is key, you don't want a crust on the meat. After about 5 minutes, let it rest. Slice into 2cm thick pieces, and serve with a sprinkle of finely chopped chives, sea salt and pepper, a wedge of lime, and some freshly grated wasabi.

Provenance: Partnering with trusted farmers who have proven farming programmes producing the high-end marble scoring beef. At this end of the excellence spectrum, you just don't mess around with anything but the best.

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