Beef Eye Fillet (2 pieces) frozen - Grain Fed 500g

$18.50 / 500g

People love this cut because it is so easy to cook and consistently delicious to eat. With a mild beef flavour profile, tender, super lean, it makes for a perfect low temperate roast. The fillet comes from the muscle that is not weight-bearing and contains only a small amount of connective tissues, which is why this texture is so soft when cooked well.

Inspiration: Defrost your meat the night before in the fridge, and then bring it to room temperature before cooking (1 hr minimum). Preheat your oven to 120'C. For a medium-rare steak: have a pan on high heat with a touch of oil, sear the fillet on all sides for 40-60 seconds, including the sides. Put the pan (or on a baking tray) in the oven and cook for 30 mins. Rest for 15 mins in a warm place, season well and serve. Our red wine sauce will be a beautiful addition to the plate with this meat.

Provenance: The beef comes from some of the best farms across the country, selected for its rich colour, flavour, tenderness. Our team then portion the tenderloins, so it keeps things simple for you at home.

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