Gamekeepers Meats




Our ducks are Aylesbury-cross, ethically farmed in Western Victoria.


Corn-Fed Duck

These Aylesbury-cross ducks are raised in Mt Macedon and fed on corn for over 50 days.  At Gamekeepers we love to dry age our corn-fed ducks for up to 7 days, it intensifies the flavour and and the tenderness of the meat.



Based in Bendigo, and dating back to 1938, Hazeldenes are a family owned and run business that are pioneers of the poultry game in Victoria. They were the first in Victoria to be associated with RAPCA accreditation, and are rightly very proud of their farming practises and the chickens they produce. They produce conventional chickens as well as free-range.


Other poultry

Our Poussins (Spatchcocks) and Cornfed Chicken are from the New England ranges in NSW. While we always look for Victorian product where possible, in this instance we have found a wonderful group of farmers in NWS that produce delicious poultry.